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This is the all new Project iRose Online voting system! We are giving you the chance to be rewarded with vote points when you vote for the game server every 12 hours. One unique feature of the system is that the higher the rank of Project iRose Online in the voting sites the BIGGER rewards you will get when voting! Make sure your voting counts! Happy Gaming!

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Welcome to Project Rose Online!

We are glad to have you! We are a new server dedicated to bring you the best experience in Rose Online gaming. Offering unique rates - PVP - and more awesome features. More will be coming soon as the development team works on the server daily! Join us now and sign up!

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Top Rankings

# Character Level
1 [EVENTMANAGER]Hikaru 230
2 Ab3D 230
4 ae 230
5 ak47 230
6 Alex 230
7 Argonaught 230
8 Arisa 230
9 ArtisanTest 230
10 AsunaChan 230
# Clan Name Level
1 TestMode 11
2 Administrators 8
3 Test 7
4 SoloLeveling 6
5 Killer 4
6 ArchDevilz 4
7 Generyodan 3
8 WipeOut 3
9 Avengers 1
10 FarmerNiJuan 1